Pearl Mary-Jane Phala

Pearl Mary-Jane Phala is a Director of the SGM Foundation. Her portfolio includes Corporate Communication and PR. She brings on-board specialized skills drawn from her background in that very specific field. Pearl is also a Director of MJ Collection: a local company that specializes in the Glamour Goddess line; creatively enhancing the image of men and women, in both the corporate space and the recreation arena. Her eye for chic, glamor and style make her an asset to the Foundation given our vision and mission. Working in public relations at Volcano advertising and PR, guest relations at Neo Africa prepared her for the industry while a stint at Auto Car Dealership equipped her with people-skills and strengthened her retail ability. Pearl obtained her honours degree in Corporate Communication from University of Johannesburg. She specialized in strategic communication and viable industry approaches to establishing sustainable corporate or product brands. Today, she has excelled in creating an eye-catching brand through the skill and vision that she brings to the SGM Foundation.

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